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Toddlers, Tweens and Teens Ages 2 - 18

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Cross CEZ Success Life Coaching

C.E.Z. Kids Success Club™

"Once a mind is stretched by a new experience it can never go back to its old dimensions"
Oliver Wendall Holmes


Our Enrichment and Coaching program is for 3 to 18 year old children.  Our special and unique core curriculum prepares our students to excel in school and for life outside of school. Our C.E.Z. Success program infuse students with specific skill sets that they will use for a life time.  Our exciting and enriching coaching themes include but are not limited to:












Cross math enrichment

C.E.Z. Kids Math Club™

“Mathematics - the unshaken Foundation of Sciences, and the
plentiful Fountain of Advantage to human affairs.” Isaac Barrow


Our Math Enrichment program for 4 - 16 year olds implements an award-winning research-based curriculum and assessment software.  Our program uses an individualized diagnostic test which is aligned with the State Standards and Core Strands. It analyzes each child’s area of mastery and advancement as well as areas in need of improvement to determine a learning schedule for each child. The diagnostic test is done through a computer analysis program which pinpoints the accurate academic level to maximize each child’s learning potential.

Students work from laptop learning stations on their own personalized animated and interactive profile tracks. Our Class Math Leaders work with each child which is made possible due to our small class size. Our Class Math Leaders teach Math Drills and test taking techniques to optimize each child’s overall success.


Cross Preschool Enrichment

C.E.Z. Kids Preschool Club™

Pre School Alt

"Once children learn how to learn,
nothing is going to narrow their mind.

The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another." Marva Collins


The Children’s Education Zone Preschool Enrichment Program is especially designed for children 2 – 5 years old. Our unique Preschool Enrichment program incorporates the latest age appropriate technology to enhance each child's individual learning in the digital age. 

Our engaged teachers implement lesson plans that include music and movement, fine motor skills, cognitive and motor development, science, art, social and emotional development, drama, beginner’s violin, math, and literacy. We also use the Award Winning and Nationally recognized programs titled Zoo Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears. Our Preschool Enrichment is also further enhanced with the special and unique Success Coaching Core Curriculum which is also offered as a stand alone class.


Cross Handwriting Without Tears®

C.E.Z. Kids Handwriting Club™

"Poets don't draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently."Jean Cocteau



Handwriting Without Tears is an internationally recognized and award winning program used by millions of students all over the world.  The easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn curriculum makes handwriting mastery joyful for students.   Research supports the active teaching of handwriting. Recent findings demonstrate that writing by hand improves creative writing skills and fine motor skills.   Handwriting Without Tears® is a proven success in making legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill that students can master.  We offer printing and cursive classes.


Cross Keyboarding Class

C.E.Z. Kids Keyboarding Club™




The Children’s Education Zone keyboarding class is a self-paced course which provides students with correct keyboarding techniques and typing procedures. This class will help to improve each students speed and accuracy while allowing them to focus on text and ideas. This class also helps to improve ergonomics and psychomotor skills.


Cross C.E.Z. Success Program

C.E.Z. Tween and Teen Success Club™

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal:
it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill

Science Girls

Our Tween Success Program is for children 8 – 12 years old. Our Teen Program is for children 12 – 16 years old.   Life education feeds the natural curiosity that tweens and teens have.  It provides them with valuable concepts, life skills, and career options in a fun filled hands on environment. Life enrichment helps give our tweens and teens greater appreciation for the world, strong problem-solving skills, and research know-how.  Our Success program promotes strong communication skills, conflict management and collaboration.  Through our Success Program children learn how to create personal schedules tied to their goals, setting realistic and high achieving goals as well as action steps. They also learn how to evaluate themselves, look for positive and negative patterns as well as how to communicate their feelings and selfcorrect. These skills improve success in school and in the world after school.


Cross After School Excellence Program

C.E.Z. Kids Excellence Club™

"Time is the scarcest resource; and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.”

Peter F. Drucker

After School Excellence

Our After School Excellence Program teaches children organization and time management skills that are necessary for lifelong success and productivity. Organization and time management are essential skills for school-age children who must meet increasing educational demands. A child with solid organization and time management skills can manage his/her daily responsibilities and has the ability to plan ahead. We will work with Parents to develop an individualized daily schedule. We review each child’s executive functioning skills in order to teach them how to organize themselves to complete homework assignments independently.  Children will learn to use checklists, calendars and other useful tools to increase their organization levels.


Cross Language Arts & Reading Comprehension Program

C.E.Z. Kids Language Club™

"Learn your language well, command it well, and you will have the first component to life."
Edward Roscoe Murrow


Our Language Refinement program for children 4 through 16 years old uses a comprehensive individualized diagnostic test which is aligned with the State Standards and Core Strands. It analyzes each child’s area of mastery and advancement as well as areas in need of improvement to determine a learning schedule for each child. The diagnostic test is done through a computer analysis program which pinpoints the accurate academic level to maximize their learning potential. Students will work from laptop learning stations on their own personalized animated and interactive profile tracks. Our Class Language Leaders work with each child which is made possible due to our small class size. Our students build a strong and advanced foundation in the area of grammar, vocabulary, phonics and reading comprehension. Our program is designed to maintain the interest of each child with creative and fun exercises. Our Class Language Leaders implement the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum and teach our students test taking techniques to optimize each child’s overall success.




CrossC.E.Z. Life Game Changers Program

C.E.Z. Kids Tween & Teen™


Vacation Club


Session 1 C.E.Z. Kids Life Explorers July (Closed July 4th) Session 2 C.E.Z. Kids Pen Head Authors July Session 3 C.E.Z. Kids Deep Self Explorers July and August Session 4 C.E.Z. Kids Entrepreneurs August



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Your Child Will Benefit From:


Checck mark Coaching themes that will develop your
        child’s gifted potential

Checck mark Life-long Skill Set Development

Checck mark Small Class Sizes 1:6

Checck mark Use of current Technology

Checck mark Unique Core Curriculum

Checck mark Life Skills Development

Checck mark A Positive and Fun Environment

100% of our students have SUCCEEDED and:

Checck markImproved by a grade level

Checck markImproved Math & Reading Skills

Checck markImproved Comprehension Skills

Checck markImproved Writing Skills

Checck markOur 2 year olds are READing

Checck markImproved Social Skills

Checck markImproved Self Confidence

Checck markGained Personal Empowerment


“Children have the ability to perform at a gifted level with the right combination of academics, enrichment activities and high self esteem. We see great results of this every day at Children’s Education Zone.” Susie Ponce, EMPA, Children’s Book Author, Youth Program Developer and Kids Life Coach

"Boosting confidence then the grades."  Amelie Wilson, The Education Notebook

“The Children’s Education Zone teaches skills necessary for success later in life” ~ Perry Martin, Fairfield Magazine Reporter

“The Children’s Education Zone’s very special approach and unique curriculum to the development of vital skill sets will give its students a strong foundation for success throughout life.” ~ Aurea Martinez, Retired Family Life Educator, Columbia University

“Children's Education Zone's professional staff worked individually with my family to create a learning plan to help our son relearn all his math skills lost over the summer months. Our son is now at the top of his class thanks to the Children's Education Zone!” Anita Lai, Old Greenwich

“As a teacher myself, I recognize the importance of the influence and value, that teachers have on our kids. From the first meeting with Susie, I knew I wanted her to be a role in both my children's lives. She has an incredible way of not only teaching them, but mentoring them at a young age, as a personal life coach. She teaches them things that a regular school often fails to teach: accountability, responsibility, personal achievement, financial responsibility, compassion, acceptance, and so much more...such as community service, environment, and nutrition. I love the fact that she gave my son a head start on reading as he enters into Kindergarten. She often teaches them using Smart Board technology and also has them do public speaking through presentations. My kids love her class and are very excited to attend. I highly recommend the CEZ programs to kids at any age!'' Jenni Salinas, Mom of toddlers/ teacher Greenwich, Ct

“The Children's Education Zone has taught my son great skill habits. He has also improved academically in both Math and Language Arts thanks to the Math and LA programs provided by Children's Education Zone. Most of all, the Children's Education Zone has taught my son social and emotional intelligence. He was a very timid child and after just a few months with the Children's Education Zone my son was appointed Student of the Month at his Greenwich Public School. Thank you Children's Education Zone ” Grace Oleas Gallegos, Greenwich CT

“After only attending the Children’s Education Zone PreK Club for five months my 2 and a half year old boy is reading alongside his 3 and 4 year old classmates. The long commute is worth it.” Patrick M., Westport CT

“My husband and I are grateful to the Children’s Education Zone and its wonderful staff. All four of our sons are registered in a variety of the C.E.Z. programs. Thanks to the enrichment opportunities at C.E.Z. all four of our boys have continued advancing. Out of our four boys two have been invited to test for the Advanced Learning programs in their public schools, our youngest has improved greatly in his reading as well as changed his view on learning to a positive one and our oldest son continues on his path of advanced learning. We attribute these great successes to Mrs. Ponce and her team at the Children’s Education Zone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” Mr. and Mrs. Sosa, CT

“I would like to thank the Children's Education Zone for helping my daughter Crystal with her reading & math. Even though she's been going there for only 3 weeks, she has advanced to the point that she is learning material before the school teaches it. She breezed right through it at school on her own without skipping a beat. I love the fact that in the short time that my daughter has been attending C.E.Z. I have seen an improvement in her self- confidence as well. I love the environment that C.E.Z. provides for our Children. It is very welcoming & relaxed & cheerful. Every one of the staff members are great. It's quit the Commute for us (35 miles each way) but SO WORTH the trip. Crystal is looking forward to the C.E.Z. summer program. Thank You Ms. Ponce & Staff!! Mr. and Mrs. Espinosa, NYC

“We have a hidden treasure and its called the Children's Education Zone! My soon to be three year old princess has gained so much from the Children’s Education Zone. She is reading, speaking clearly, adding and socializing at a level of a kindergartener. I am beyond impressed with the program and grateful that such a quality program is in my neighborhood in Port Chester NY. Thank you Children’s Education Zone for bringing true quality education/enrichment into our community." Sandra M. Port Chester NY Camila came to the Children's Education Zone looking for socialization and found a book bag filled with happiness, increased self-confidence, and a love of books. Jenny Maldonado, Port Chester NY

"Boosting confidence then the grades."  Amelie Wilson, The Education Notebook

“The enthusiasm my daughter has about Math is attributed to her participation in the C.E.Z. Kids Math Club. ”  ~Hilda L., Harrison NY

“My son used to break out in rashes and suffer from anxiety right before the school state testing.  After joining the C.E.Z. Kids Language Club he has done a 180 and is much more confident and relaxed thanks to the test taking techniques he learned here.” ~Barbara S. Riverdale, NY

“I enrolled my 4 year old in the C.E.Z. Kids Success Club because I thought it was interesting and something unique. I never expected my 4 year old to have gained as much depth of understanding and skills as she has attained through this program.  She went from being a shy kid to a confident kid with the ability to make a clear presentation on the stage in front of her peers.  It is just amazing!” ~Daniel F. Larchmont NY

"We are extremly happy with the results of the Children's Education Zone. We travel from Japan every winter for a month and during the summer months and it is during this time that both our children go to Children's Education Zone. Both my children love the staff and the unique enrichment programs they participate in. They are very much looking forward to their classes this summer. Thank you Mrs. Ponce and the Children's Education Zone for your unique approach to learning and your loving ways with our children!" Aika M., Japan

"My teen enjoys his time at the Children's Education Zone because of the benefits he is getting from taking classes with them. He has caught up and surpassed his peers in science, triganmotry and economics. Before the Children's Education Zone it was a challenge to get my teen out of the house in the mornings when his first class of the day was any of the three subjects mentioned. He is much more relaxed and looks forward to getting to school on time for these classes. Keep up the great work Children's Education Zone." Barry M. Stamford CT

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